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The most daunting challenge facing all North American business organizations today is how to find, hire, and retain highly qualified, motivated, frontline, hourly employees. Mel has been helping employers win the war for frontline talent for over 30 years.


While many expert presenters talk about WHY business owners and managers need to hire and retain better employees, they don’t deliver the simple, common sense, best-practice HOW TO’s that make a real difference in the lives of meeting participants and the quality of their new hires. Mel’s presentations are guaranteed to deliver those HOW TO’s and exceed your clients’ expectations.


Mel delivers common sense, actionable ideas and approaches that your meeting attendees can take back and put to immediate use to hire and retain STAR employees. (STARS are: Self-motivated, Talented, Accountable, Responsible, and Stable.)


When you ask better questions, you get better answers and those better answers help you make better decisions. Mel provides the specific, proven questions employers need to: (1) ask themselves before they hire anyone and (2) ask every applicant before making a hiring decision.


Mel’s presentations always planned, never canned. Hiring and retention challenges vary by industry and region and he never resorts to a “one size fits all” speech. His planning includes pre-meeting research, phone interviews, and surveys that allow him to customize each session to the needs and preferences of your audience.


While tasks like managing overall employee turnover are left to HR, it’s the supervisors and managers in the trenches who have to deal with the troops — including the hiring mistakes (the unreliable, dishonest, unmotivated employees who make everyone’s lives miserable). This is why hiring and retention are an HR problem and an Operations pain. Mel’s best-practice solutions are designed to alleviate Operations’ pain.


Mel provides easy to implement, time- and money-saving recruiting, screening, and hiring tools that result in better hiring decisions and improved employee retention.


It’s not over when it’s over. To maximize his clients’ ROI, Mel delivers a complimentary, one year, monthly “Continuing Education” program that includes informative articles, videos, and hiring tools so meeting participants can continue to improve their employee hiring and retention skills long after the meeting’s done.


Mel’s high energy, interactive delivery keeps audiences not only awake, but actively engaged and involved.


What Mel delivers is not only actionable and easy to implement, it WORKS to hire better employees and reduce costly employee turnover.

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