Winners: Where to Find Them and How to Keep Them

If you are going to succeed in today’s hyper-competitive, economically uncertain, turbulent times, there is one critical task every organization must get right at that is how they recruit, select, and retain their frontline, hourly employees.

In this fast-paced, engaging session, participants learn all the best practice, take home information, ideas, tools, tips and techniques that will make their jobs easier and take the guess work out of hiring and retaining great people.

Key learning outcomes include:

  • The 5 key questions you need to ask before you hire anyone
  • How to attract the right applicants
  • The #1 most over looked source of great, proven employees
  • How to tell the winners from the whiners
  • The most important question to ask every applicant
  • How to reduce turnover by 20%
  • What every employee wants out of a job (no matter which generation they belong to)
  • The #1 employee motivator and it doesn’t cost a dime
  • And lots of other neat, easy to implement ideas

How to Take Your Organization from Ordinary to EXTRAordinary

In today’s turbulent, highly-competitive, economically uncertain times, every organization is only as good as the people they employ. This is exactly why the key to success in every industry is the ability to attract, hire, motivate and retain extraordinary employees. Extraordinary companies know how to hire extraordinary people who do extraordinary jobs; people who consistently exert the extraordinary effort that separates the run-of-the-mill from the extraordinary standouts.

Learning outcomes include:

  • Why employers look for great people in all the wrong places
  • How we deter outstanding applicants by making them “pay a price” to interview with us
  • How to stop hiring the best applicants and start hiring the best employees
  • How we routinely “watch the movie backwards” and miss the big picture
  • The most important question to ask every applicant
  • How to find out what we really need to know about every applicant
  • The importance of telling successful applicants “why we’ve hired ‘em AND why we’d fire ‘em”
  • Why we ought to throw parties when people sign on, not when they leave

Tools, Tips & Techniques to Find, Hire, and Retain Top Talent

Designed in even more detail to address the specific challenges your organization faces when it comes to recruiting, selecting, and/or retaining top talent, the content of this presentation is based entirely on the meeting participants’ responses to a custom-designed, pre-meeting survey.

Attract the Best and Repel the Rest: How to Create a Magnetic Culture

Once you build a positive work environment, it becomes a Magnetic Culture and you’ll be able to keep the good employees you already have as well as attract and hire even more just like them with ease. Your organization will become an “employer-of-choice.”

This high-energy, high-impact presentation always wins rave reviews for the practical, take-home information it delivers.

Key learning outcomes include:

  • How to create a magnetic culture that attracts the best and repels the rest
  • Why you need to put employees first and clients second
  • The 5 keys to becoming an “employer of choice”
  • How to tell the winners from the whiners
  • How to make the best hiring decisions
  • The 7 R’s & 1 C of employee engagement